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About the show


The Fun Pianos dueling pianos show is unique from other acts from similar names. While the genre has in most cases morphed into a display of players playing every request that comes up to the best of their ability while reading music and lyrics off an iPad, the Fun Pianos show is focused on entertaining the entire crowd.

The skills that are developed will, over time, make you an expert in getting laughs and interaction not just from crowds who WANT to be entertained, but even more impressively, from crowds who don't want to be there in the first place! (You don't really think people WANT to go to their holiday party, do you? Their spouses sure don't!) But they go...and when we're there, the response is always, " one of these I've even been to!"

While these events are very rewarding as a professional entertainer, most of our events are even much more fun than that. County Fairs, festivals, small town events, fundraisers, a few weddings, those corporate events mentioned above...If you want a career in music...and if you want to actually have FUN doing it instead of finishing a night playing for disinterested folks by saying to yourself, "Well, at least I am playing music for a living..." then playing with Fun Pianos is the career for you!

Meet our players

Why work with us?

Fun Pianos! is on the cutting edge of traveling performance - not only do we bring the house down with top-notch crowd engagement, we will also train you!

With our internship program, we’ll take you under our wing and show you the ropes. You don’t have to know it all, we’ll help you reach your full potential. All we need from you is passion and excitement for piano and for entertaining crowds! Just ask Isabelle:


Fun Pianos! performer

Meet your performers!

Sam Owner, Lead Player
It’s easy for Sam to fearlessly work his improv at the Fun Pianos show…he owns the company! Sam cares about leading a good time for the audience, that’s it. One night the audience calls for comedy. Another calls for singalong. Most nights call for both…and then something else unexpected. Now living in Nebraska, Sam also considers North Dakota his second home.
Jason Player
Jason joined the team in 2018 and has been the workhorse of the staff, on and off stage. He has been a great grab for Fun Pianos and their audiences after long stints at clubs in Houston and Kansas City.
Matt Player
Matt has toured with Fun pianos for over a decade! A master of creating audience-friendly bits and generating smiles and singalong, after 20 years of singalong in and around Michigan. Matt is a trusted anchor of our staff.
Brandon Player
Brandon is a positive ball of energy who joined the Fun Pianos staff after the pandemic. After seven years playing in Louisiana and Arizona, Brandon has found a home with Fun Pianos for years to come.
Isabelle Player
Isabelle is a delight to Fun Pianos and their audiences alike! She attended a show in Nebraska and asked about becoming a player. After a year of training and finishing up her music degree at University of Nebraska-Omaha, she is now touring as a full-time performer with our team.

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